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YOGI'S Kitchen | About Us



Meal credits are the number of meals you get within your package. everyday after your daily meal delivery, we will deduct your meal credit. You may also check your meal credits balance under your Yogi's Kitchen account.
Plan validity is the total duration of your subscription. For e'g - If you choose a standard one month plan, you get total 24 meal credits with 45days of validity so you will have total 45 days to consume your 24 meal credits.

Note: You may extend your plan validity upon renewal only.
No, all our monthly and weekly plans comes with extra validity to cater your missed days when our kitchen remain closed for banks/public holidays and for all uncertain/unavoidable offs.
Menu selection needs to be done 48 hours or prior in advance. For e'g - If you want to select menu for Monday, you need to select this by Saturday 11:59PM.
To select your menu, you need to go to "Select your Menu" under right top corner menu bar, then click on Select my Menu then click the day you want to select your menu for and submit.
In case you do not select your menu or forget to select any day menu, we will still send your meal as per our chef choice. (Not selecting menu will not pause your services)
Your subscription will be activated only after we receive your payment.
Any promotional credit or Yogi's Store credit given to you, needs to be used at Yogi's Store only.
No, Any change to the account (Address, Phone number, Delivery Instructions etc.) needs to be done a day in advance.
Please contact our 24/7 customer support.
No, we make mild home like food in bulk, so customization is not allowed.
We prepare our meals not just to quench your hunger but to nourish your body and build your tissues healthily. We understand the nutrient analysis of the meals we prepare, and we optimize them to meet your dietary requirements.
Yes, we have over 60 different meals, and each serves special dietary requirements. You can choose from our menu and leave out veggies.
We’re committed to providing our consumers with the best, and that’s why we go beyond the ordinary to source for organic and best quality ingredients.

Refer to Earn:

Anyone, who is subscribed for monthly package with us is eligible for our Refer to Earn Program.
No, You may refer as many as you want and get $10 on each successful monthly subscription from your referrals.
You get your referral amount in your Yogi's Wallet within 72 working hours upon successful subsription from your referral.
Your referral amount will be credited within 72 working hours upon successful monthly subscription from your referrals.
No, You get $10 only when your referral subscribe for our Monthly Plans.
Yes, Your referral will also get $10 into their Yogi's Wallet, Which can be used to pay for their subscriptions and at Yogi's Store.
We are sorry but this offer is for our current subscribers only.
You may see all your referrals under your Yogi's Account.
We are sorry but this is our new offer. You will still be eligible for this offer for all your successful referrals effective February, 5th 2020.
Please contact our 24/7 Customer Care.

Yogi's Wallet:

Yogi's wallet is a digital wallet where you store your promotional credits and your wallet recharge amount.
This is the promotional credit, and can be used towards your renewals, Yogi's Store or to our Feed the Need program.
Simple, go to our store and add funds to your wallet. click here (https://yogiskitchen.ca/add_ons)
Depends, any promotional credit you receive is non-withdrawal, however any paid balance in your wallet can be withdrawn to your bank account.
Yes, You may use your wallet to pay for your monthly subscriptions. Maximum amount you can use to pay for your subscription is $10.
Yes, Any promotional credit you receive in your wallet comes with a validity of 120 days. If you do not use your wallet balance within your validity, your promotional credits will be expired without any notification.
Please contact our 24/7 customer care.
Please contact our 24/7 customer care.

Placing an Order:

Yes, we’ve made it easier for all our subscribers and consumers to place orders even on the go. Log in to your account and place your order.
When you select from our menu and place an order, you’ll get an order confirmation email containing your order number and item. After that, you’ll get a dispatch email.
We only charge the exact amount you want to deposit. However, there may be third-party charges from payment processing companies, which are minor.

After Your Order is Confirmed

We advise you take your time to make your decisions before placing an order, as it’s nearly impossible to cancel an active order.
Usually, we send an order dispatch email to our customers after processing their orders successfully. You’ll find a tracking URL to track your delivery real-time
Yogi's Kitchen is always meticulous with order processing, and that’s why we’re a technology-based platform. We’re sure to deliver only what you order. If in a rare case, you get a wrong delivery, kindly reach out to us via our contact page for rectification.
Yes, as long as you’re within the Vancouver & Victoria region, and your Postal code is recognized, we’ll deliver to your doorstep
If you are not available to take the meal delivery, then we can leave your tiffin outside your door or can be handed over to your concierge. We can also place it at strategic places based on your delivery instruction provided to us. Your meal delivery will be failed in case of no delivery instructions.
We don't just make meals and store. Instead, we prepare meals when we receive an order and then deliver. This is in line with our commitment to delivering only fresh meals.

Checkout, Pricing, and Payment

We offer various meal plans; you can check our Menu and Meal Plans to find a plan that suits your budget and meal requirements.
Yes, when you fund your account, you can place orders and leave some funds in your account. It remains for your future transactions.
We accept all major credit/debit cards and Interac or email transfer.

Managing Your Account

Kindly click on the icon on the top right corner and follow the prompt carefully. You’ll need to fill out some details to create an account.
No, referral earnings are promotional credits hence this can be used on Yogi's store or to pay against your subscription. T&C apply.
Yes, you can edit or update your address by contacting our 24/7 customer support.
In a case where you forget your password, you can request to reset your password, and we’ll send you an automated message to follow a unique link for password reset.

Restaurant Questions

We only house expert chefs with years of individual and combined experiences in making delectable and healthy meals. So, when you order any meal from us, you’re sure to get the best of it.
We are based in Surrey and Government Road Victoria. For more details, visit our Contact Page.
Yes, please check out our career page for more details.

Looking to Join the Yogi's Kitchen Team?

We’re open to accepting you into our team if you have what it takes to grow our Kitchen brand. You may refer to our Career section to learn more.
(877) 219-6224 Call Now